Successful Stories


Lex Gaudius provides legal advice for MEGE participants

Miro del Gaudio and his law firm Lex Gaudius have a strong experience in helping immigrants. Now Miro is also helping the MEGE project participants. “Tell always the truth”, is his first advice for immigrants who are applying for residence permit in Finland.


Selling more Homes in One System

Marcel Angelosanto is bringing a new kind of real estate service from North America to Finland and to the rest of Europe. Despite his long experience as a business owner and a real estate agent it feels like he has been starting over again. Luckily Finland has provided also help and contacts he never had in Canada.


Plutote: Tote bags for environment and style

A business student with a passion to start a business of his own. A girl with love for tote bags. And an art student, who struggled to get his work sold. All these were needed when Plutote, a fashion brand for designer tote bags, was started.


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