How to start a business in Finland?

Learn the practicalities of setting up a business entity in Finland

The workshop takes you through the practicalities of setting up a business in Finland: What is the process of registering a business entity in Finland? What are the reporting responsibilities, tax and pension liabilities included? How does setting up a business affect your residence permit status?

Elie El-Khouri, NewCo Helsinki: Registering a business in Finland
Miro Del Gaudio, Lex Gaudius: Entrepreneurship and residence permits
Mikko Järvinen, Haaga-Helia: How to work with your accountant

Organizer: Haaga-Helia Startup School
Date: 13.2. (17:00-19:00)
Place: Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus, Ratapihantie 13
Cost: Free of charge for the participant

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