Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset

Online course with two face to face meetings helps you to develop your business idea and to start building your own entrepreneurial path.

Developing entrepreneurial mindset helps you to take the first steps in developing your business idea. During the online course you will analyze yourself as an entrepreneur, explore the feasibility of your business, define and start to extend your entrepreneurial network. The course has weekly assignments and two f-2-f meetings together with other participants.

Weekly themes

  1. You as an entrepreneur

  2. Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle

  3. Customer problem and value proposition

  4. Idea description and prototype creation

  5. Network analysis and customer validation

  6. Preparing a pitch

  7. Pitching your idea

Organizer: Haaga-Helia Startup School
Dates: 21.5.2019 16-18 and 15.8.2019 16-19
Place: Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus, Ratapihantie 13
Cost: Free of charge for the participant

Name *
1. Briefly describe your business idea and the field of business 2. Tell us a bit about yourself, your backround and your (possible) team members. 3. Lastly tell us what you expect to learn from this course, and the kind of obstacles you're facing with your idea. Try to keep your letter of motivation short, under 2000 characters.