MEGE - Multicultural Encounters, Growth, Entrepreneurship aims to remove barriers for international professionals to establish and acquire businesses in the Helsinki region.

MEGE is a joint project of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Business College, Aalto University and The Shortcut. The project’s main objective is to increase the number of growth companies established by international professionals by offering a service package for the validation of a business idea, launching business operations, and business succession situations.

The service package is developed in cooperation with end users and thus meets the needs of international professionals. The service package includes coaching units for startup activities and business succession situations as well as mentoring.

As outcomes, the project will create:

  1. New businesses, business successions and jobs (particularly skill intensive growth businesses), in which the expertise of international professionals is utilized in Finland;
  2. A new operations model for integrating international professionals into innovation, startup, and business succession ecosystems in Finland;
  3. A service package which includes comprehensive services for developing and launching business operations and the business succession process for international professionals and SMEs;
  4. Publications about the results of the project.

The activities of the MEGE project support the targets of both the Talent Boost programme, and the Sustainable growth and jobs 2014 - 2020 - Finland's structural funds programme. The project is funded by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council from European Regional Development Funds. The project duration is 2,5 years, and the total budget is 818,000 euros.

For more information, please contact:

Mikko Järvinen
MEGE Project Manager
tel. +358 40 488 7097